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Gay Balignasay

hello there. i would just like to ask permission to use your photo of the nice looking fisherman for one of the videos at a concert of noel cabangon that speaks about simple filipino folk. it's really a striking photo. i hope you would consent. thank you.

you may email me at for more information.


let us start a new internet-meme:

this is the new album-cover for the re-release of the Deep Purple song of 1973.....

just a brilliant shot

i always heard them singing smoke "under"water though ;-)


Great portraits here! :)


Great top shot.

Karl Baumann

smoking and swimming :) that's funny

Wim van der Meij

Sid, what great photos again: esp. the jumping fish in the net, and the man with a cigarette in the water.


Was he diving in between puffs? :)


hehe ... smoking while on the water. He can throw the cigarette but anywhere without being afraid of causing fire. :-)


smoking and swimming...this guy must be really busy:-P nice capture!!


Wow! To swimm with a cigarette. that is a performence!

Dave Mac

This is funny! I thought I was bad when I swim around holding a can of beer above the water...but a cigarette? HA!


great pictures. if i were to come up with a title for the first one, i would call it "the perennial craving for nicotine whiffs". it's amazing what some people will go through just to puff on a cigarette.


Very nice site, good pictures!!!!!!

Chris Vallancourt

That detail of the man holding the cigarette above water is priceless.


Walking in the water while smoking is unusual. Good capture.
Every day I'm looking forward the next shots.
Have a great week-end Sidney.


there's a definite skill in swimming whilst smoking; well done for catching this impressive act!!


The man in the first pic's cool. Haha. I wonder if his other hand's holding a beer.


Save Our Sigarettes! :-)

Mike Dougan

I like the first one, smoking a cigarette while trying to swim.


Smoking while swimming? Fantastic!!!


I really love your shots of people...their emotions... their way of life... small pleasures...simple life


absolutely love the first photo... smoking in water ...


I like the cigarette shot!


Another nice series Sydney, I'm really enjoying my "tour" of the Phillipines.


He's multitasking in the first picture! But it's a good shot Sidney.


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